Patient #2 - 25 year old disabled male laborer.

Standing X-ray post-opStanding X-ray pre-opAbout the Patient

This patient had a tibial plateau fracture while on the job as a laborer. This type of fracture affects the top part of the bone in the lower leg (right at the knee). The break healed badly causing his leg to bow 15 degrees. When he was first seen at our office he presented with marked pain and could walk only with crutches. He was totally unable to work. A different doctor had recommended a knee replacement.


He had an HTO and microfracture performed by Dr Prodromos.


One year after surgery, the patient was pain free and able to walk and work without problems. He stated, "I is like a miracle."

Take a look at the video of him walking without problems. You have to look carefully to be able to tell which leg had the surgery.